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A commercial building in the process of being built.

All buildings need to have small or large renovation projects done from time to time, whether they are interior or exterior upkeep. These projects can be anything from basic maintenance projects to ensure the building is in good shape for years to come to extensive projects that change how your building operates as a whole. No matter how simple or complex your project is, our team of licensed commercial handymen at The Firm can get the job done quickly and efficiently to ensure you can operate as normal. Request a free quote today!

Our Commercial Remodeling Services

No matter what type of remodeling your building requires, we will help you complete your project from start to finish. Our experienced contractors can handle everything from simple flooring projects to complete, turn-key remodels. We will listen to your vision and work closely with you to establish a plan and budget, so we can prepare for the project accordingly.

Commercial remodeling services we offer in Phoenix include:


Whether you need a simple carpentry project completed or a full build-out, our team at The Firm can help. Our certified carpenters can complete any project you may have with expert precision and great attention to detail.


First appearances are critical when operating a business. If you have chipped or fading paint on the interior or exterior of your building, it can reflect poorly on your operation as a whole and lend an air of unprofessionalism. At The Firm, we specialize in interior and exterior painting, as well as floor coatings.


Our trained and certified team takes pride in being able to install a variety of flooring types for commercial businesses. Flooring is one of the first things your employees and customers will notice when they come into your business, so it’s important to ensure they are of high quality. We can install several flooring types, such as carpet, vinyl, wood, laminate, ceramic, and stone.


Our team is capable of designing and installing several new light systems and fixtures. Whether you’re looking to replace your current system with new parts or you want newer, LED technology solutions installed, we’re here to serve!

Post-Construction Cleaning

During any commercial construction project, it is important to have a team dedicated to cleaning and maintaining the area, especially if you are still open for business during this time. Our crew will maintain the area surrounding the construction zone so your employees and customers remain safe and are not at risk during the project. Once the project is done, we will thoroughly clean the area, so you can get back to normal.

At The Firm Facility Services, our core values set us apart from the rest. We will work with you to create a cohesive plan that covers every aspect of your project before setting a budget and determining the materials we need. We stick to your budget and work hard to keep you, your employees, and your guests safe and healthy. Operating at the highest rate possible is our top priority. To learn more about how dedicated we are to your needs, contact us today via phone or email.

Industries We Serve

At The Firm, we take pride in providing a full slate of services to companies from various industries throughout the country. With our various services and locations, we are able to cater to virtually your every need. Some of the many services we offer include commercial painting, carpentry, sanitizing, cleaning, and more. With our wide array of services, we help a plethora of industries, such as retailers, hospitality businesses, healthcare centers, office buildings, and more. No matter what you need, we will work with you to find a solution, and you can rest assured knowing that you are taken care of through anything. To see if we can help your business, contact us today.

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No matter where you are in the country, our team of maintenance and cleaning professionals will be there to help you with any project you may have. From minor repairs to full construction projects, we can do it all. With our free quotes, quick responses, and nationwide maintenance and cleaning services, we will be able to help you. To learn more about our services or to request a quote today, give our Phoenix office a call at 602-396-5745 or fill out this form.