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In accordance with national and local guidelines, as a business owner, it’s your duty to provide your employees with a clean and safe work environment. However, hiring several companies to take care of various aspects of your property, from the floors to the windows and everything in between, can be costly and lessen your security. We started our business to provide an all-in-one solution that can save your business money.

The Firm Facility Services offers a variety of commercial cleaning services, from single aspects of your business to full-service, turn-key cleaning solutions. You will have the same team of certified professionals at your building for every service, which lessens the number of people coming in and out, keeping your building safer. We can clean and maintain every part of your business at a time that works best for you, whether that’s before, during, or after business hours. Get a free quote today!

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

The commercial cleaning services we provide are explained below. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 602-396-5745.

Carpet Cleaning

We use custom methods to clean carpet, depending on the type of carpet it is. In the past, cleaning companies would use standard soap and water to clean carpets, but that method can take at least 24 hours to dry. Additionally, too much water can soak into the carpet and not dry properly, which can cause odors and more serious issues like mold. We saw these issues and responded accordingly by adjusting our methods. We use far less water for our Phoenix carpet cleaning services than traditional methods, and we use natural carbonation to remove dirt and grime from carpet fibers.

Janitorial Services

It’s a lot of work to maintain a presentable, clean commercial building. To do it right with the least amount of headaches, you need a dedicated team of day porters or janitorial professionals to be on-hand behind the scenes. Our highly trained janitors work to continually maintain your work environment to provide a clean, safe space for your employees at all times. We offer comprehensive commercial janitorial services and day porter services in Phoenix, so you can choose which is best for your business and maintain the environment you want at your company. We will work around your schedule, so our team can be on-hand whenever we are needed, whether it is before, during, or after work hours.

Window Washing

When you think of window washing, you probably imagine the extravagant systems that hoist window washers hundreds of feet in the air to clean the windows of skyscrapers. However, what about the insides of your windows or the ground floor windows? Who takes care of those, and why does it matter? If there are smudges and marks all over the glass in commonly used areas of your building, it may deter potential employees and customers from working with you. People want to see a clean, well-presented commercial building or office, because if you can’t maintain your physical business, how can they trust you to provide attention to detail? Hire The Firm to wash the interior and exterior windows of your building regularly to ensure your business always leaves a great first impression.

Strip & Wax

To properly strip and wax your commercial floors and ensure they stay in good shape and look great for several years, you need a professional with access to the best methods and technology. At The Firm Facility Services, we follow a proven, structured process to maintain the integrity of your floors and create the clean, polished look you desire.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing seems like a simple act that anyone can do, but if you don't take into account the pressure you’re administering or the surface you’re applying it to, the results can be disastrous. At The Firm Facility Services, our maintenance professionals know how to complete these services expertly. With our help, we can ensure you get the look you want for the outside of your business or office.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Whether your business has tile on the floor or the walls, The Firm can restore its beauty with our tile and grout cleaning services. While you can do these projects on your own, it is tedious, time-consuming work. Our cleaning professionals help keep your tile looking like new and in the best shape possible, so your building’s appearance creates a positive response with potential customers and employees. Rest assured, we pay close attention to the details so you can focus on business.

Our Guarantee

While there are many professional cleaning companies throughout the country, very few, if any, offer the comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services we do, while also working to provide you with an affordable cost. Additionally, many of these companies only cater to local businesses and facilities. The Firm is a national company based in Minneapolis and Phoenix that can serve customers across the United States. We serve your every need and ensure that you are well taken care of. Contact us today for a free quote!

Industries We Serve

We serve several different industries throughout the country, including:

  • Office buildings
  • Healthcare centers
  • Hospitality centers
  • And more

If you’re looking for professional maintenance technicians and janitors to help you with the upkeep and maintenance at your commercial business, contact The Firm Facility Services today! We can help your Arizona business maintain a beautiful, clean, and inviting work environment. To request a quote or learn more about our comprehensive cleaning services, give our Phoenix office a call at 602-396-5745 or fill out this form.